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Handwritten letter gifts


Handwritten letter with a choice of calligraphy font

With the rise of the digital age, the art of the handwritten letter writing is sadly on the decline, but this is what make receiving a handwritten letter even more unforgettable…

Perhaps you have spent hours painstakingly writing a poem to perfectly capture your thoughts, or maybe you have scribbled your heartfelt words, full of emotion, quickly down on paper…and now you would like to give them to that special person, but the effort spent composing your words isn’t quite reflected in the presentation; this is where Handwritten letter gifts can help you!

I will beautifully handwrite your words with a choice of calligraphy font, and other bespoke presentation options to make your words truly worthy of giving to that special person.

There is a choice of calligraphy font that I use, but I’m very happy to use a font of your choice if you wish. The paper I use is either a delicate parchment paper for a classic feel, or an aged, hand made paper for a more rustic, old English look. There is the option to have dowels/finials attached in a choice of finishes, your letter will then be rolled, trimmed with ribbons and a charm or wax seal and presented in a stylish box with coordinating ribbons and a handwritten gift tag.


Handwritten letter in box
Calligraphy font example for handwritten letter
Handwritten letter

If you have an idea in mind of how you would like your handwritten letter to look, I’ll be more than happy to help as much as possible to include photos/pictures/images, borders or decorative swirls of your choice, watermark backgrounds…my letters are truly bespoke and personalised.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the handwritten letters.


Handwritten letter gift
Calligraphy font close up for handwritten letters